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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gorgeous Colour Livingstone Daisy

I took this pic on friday afternoon, when I got home from work this beautiful cerise/pinky/purple livingstone daisy was smiling out at me from a planter pot by my front door.

I think it'll look great printed on a  canvas to brighten a wall.
I just had to share it:) 

Friday, 25 May 2012

'Lace of Hearts' Pot Holder

Embroidered 'Lace of Hearts' Pot Holder.

Here is my latest finished project, a pot holder.
 I have been doing lots of different machine embroidery designs with my new Singer Futura,
using FREE download designs from
I have been wanting to turn some of my samples into something usable- and here's the first on many.

I plan to make many more quick usable 'things' from my ever growing stack of of embroidered pieces of fabric, any suggestions for projects would be great.
I am loving the way it looks hanging in my kitchen, maybe I'll make a matching Pot-Mitt next.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I 'wore it' to work yesterday

I wore my 'I will wear it in public' challenge outfit to work yesterday,
my top/dress is definately a top when worn with the lace leggings.
I was behind desk most of the day which was good cause there was abit of thigh showing with the lace.

Super comfy outfit though, the merino kept me snuggly -it's been pretty cold here at the moment, and I just love the pockets. When I got home I put on some jeggings and the top looked awesome with them.
I know I'm going to wear everything I made all the time.
This has been a great challenge, I really enjoyed it. 
I think it's started abit of a plaid trend for me- I've already cut out a Pink and Black Plaid dress :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Finished Outfit

I've finished my merino fitted tee- my outfit is complete.
My tee was real basic so I used a criss-cross stretch stitch on the hems to finish. It was the 1st time I had used that stitch on my new singer futura and I love it, the seams are lovely and flat, no tension issues that can happen with knit fabrics.
The neckline on my tee isn't 100% centred so that bugs me a bit but I wasn't going to unpick in case I put a hole in it. I do love the length though, I adapted the length when I drafted the pattern from Burda Style magazine issue  7/2011  style#103  . A nice fit on me (my dress form is set to my measurements- her name is Dolly).
I finished all 3 of my garments with my own manufacture label- MADJAM, to give they a store bought look and to help tell the right way with the tights.

I've had some great comments & questions about my previous update post. A few more details about my top/dress , I had to check that it was a box pleat I had done in the back & it is. I pressed it down & topstitched it ending just above my waist line. Here are 2 pics, 1 outside, 1 inside sorry they're bit blurry.

Also the tights/leggings, that I made, I adapted the pattern that is usually 1 piece for each leg buy simply marking 3inches down from each side of the crutch leg-line and folding the pattern across leg. Then I cut the top piece out of modal- I just added a seam allowance at the foldline and the same for the lace leg bottoms by adding a seam allow at top leg fold. I also tried on each leg before I sewed to two legs together,  I had to take in the lace part a few inches because it is so stretchy it was a bit baggy & I wanted a fitted leg. I finished the hem by attaching a cuff, just like for a sleeve.

So here they are waiting for me to wear them in public, I think I'll wear them to work on monday.
 I'll post my final picture of me "wearing it in public".
A Big Big thanks to everyone for their great comments & thanks to Rikka for hosting this challenge.
 I've really enjoyed making something for myself for everyday wear for a change. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Easy 12 ply lace pattern scarf

Finished this scarf in only 4 nights while watching tele.
I got the free pattern from a Vicki Howel sheep(ish) design.

I used 3 balls of a wool/alpaca mix that I found in the bargin bin at my local wool shop,
total cost $9.30 ($3.10pr ball).
An easy 8row pattern that knits up fast in a 12ply on no:8 needles,
heres the link
Awesome winter warmer to add a bit of colour to my usual black wardrobe, Love it:)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Challenge Update

I've got quite a bit done in the last couple of days for the 'I will wear it in public challenge'.
I washed all my fabrics, drafted & adapted the patterns to my measurements.
I started with the shirt/dress that is a woven cotton plaid check fabric that I had bought from a spotlight store, on the bargin table for $4 metre.
My pattern was from my burda style magazine issue 12/2010, style 110.
I had marked a line 2" under the  front & back armhole to line up the checks when cutting out. I also scooped the back hem slightly.
I added a box pleat in the back as I found it to be abit loose & sack-like & I wanted a little shape.
I made in-seam pockets out off Merino wool knit scraps so my pockets will be nice & snuggly warm for my hands. Then the twisted roll neckline colar which I had a couple of goes at as I had never done that kind of neckline, was happy with my third attempt.
The sleeves are 3/4 with elastic cased  hems to be practical and easy wear.
Overall I happy with the finished results, I had never done a matched plaid beforeit wasn't as scary as I was thinking, but I'm glad I chose a basic garment.

Next was the legging/tights that I wanted to make out of a stretchy lace that I had bought a few months ago for a bargin- 4 metres for $10 from a lovely lady I know who has a  fabric addiction.
I spliced the pattern that I drafted from Burda style issue 1/2011, style 130,  into 2 as I wanted to used a modal knit in the top of the legging as I knew if the whole garment was lace I would shred the upper-half into holes in no time. So I wizzed them up on the overlocker/serger taking care to get the tension right for the stretch. I also put a modal cuff on the bottom of each leg to finish.
Overall they look & feel great on, the modal is lovely on my skin & the superstretch is super practical easy to wear. They do look odd when hanging up as where i joined the 2 fabrics is kind of fluted but once they are on the seams are flat.

I had such fun with the serger I decided to do a belt/scarf from the stretch lace & just hemmed it with a nice rolled edge, only took 5 minutes & looks great.

So that's where I'm at, I just have the merino tee to go,
hopefully I will get it done in the next day or two.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mothers Day

What a awesome mothers day I had, spoilt by my hubby & kids with thoughtfull gifts & cards.
I spent alot of the day in the kitchen baking up a storm.
I baked some yummy treats to share with my mum & family for afternoon-tea.
                                           Carrot & Walnut Muffins with Cream Cheese Icing
                                                                 Classic Choc Chip Cookies

                                             A Mothers Day inspired Old-Fashion Apple Pie

What a great day shared with the ones I love, eating yummy home-baked treats

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Planned Outfit for the Challenge

After many hours looking at my fabrics and searching through my burda style mags, I have a plan for a outfit for the 'I will wear it in public challenge".
I had already set myself a few guidelines-
such as- warm for winter (in Southern hemisphere),
using fabric from my stash and adapting from my pattern books
( I have way to much of both).
So a outfit  that I will wear in public, that means it needs to be casual,
practical with a little rock'n roll/punk touch, being a busy rockin chick on the go.

Here are the fabrics & pattern books i will adapt my patterns from.

Hopefully I will create 3 peices - 
A long top/shirtdress from the Green Woven cotton plaid fabric,
A fitted tee from the Black Merino wool knit fabric
and a pair of legging/tights from Black Stretch Lace and Modal Fabrics

Now that's a challenge, plaid, knit & super stretch fabrics!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I will wear it in public!

Pinned Image It took me to sign up for this challenge to make a Blog and join Pinterest.! This is also the first online challenge I have entered.
I have had many ideas about what I want to make, it was so hard to decide on just one thing, so i've decided to do a whole outfit.
I also set a few ground rules for myself-
                                              it will be warm winter clothing- so i will wear it in public now,
                                              with fabric that I already have in my stash (as I have way to much fabric) 
                                              and I will use & adapt patterns from my Burda style Magazines,
so I have a few tough but exciting decisions ahead- wish me luck :)

I have a blog!

Awesome, my 1st post on my new blog.
I hope to share things that I love to do, make, bake & create on it,